About Us

At Hyde Park Pediatrics, we're not just doctors, we're pediatricians. That means we specialize in the care of children from birth through adolescence. We believe in going the extra mile to make sure you and your children are provided with the highest quality care in an accessible, warm, and friendly atmosphere each and every time.

Whether it's handling the urgent problems of acutely sick children or monitoring the development of well children, we strive to provide only the best care for your child. We provide little extras like asthma treatments, routine lab work, minor suturing, and ear piercings all within the comfort and convenience of our office. We also work together with schools and counselors to provide a continuity of care for patients with ADD/ADHD. We offer counseling on preventive care, nutrition, and other behavioral concerns. We have a lactation consultant in our office weekly. And, for first-time parents and new patients, we offer a free consultation to meet with one of our physicians and to answer all your questions about our practice. Nothing matters more than your child.

We are on-call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, and a doctor is always available by phone. We utilize a team approach so that your child's visits will be overseen by your doctor's team of healthcare professionals. Plus, we personally monitor the care of children who require hospitalization, from well newborns to adolescents. Our doctors have hospital privileges at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, Bethesda North, Good Samaritan, and Christ Hospitals. We're always here for your child.

We are proud to say that our support staff at HPP is made up of experienced pediatric professionals. They're kid-friendly people who understand children's aches, pains, and fears. They also understand parents' concerns. That's why we have a team of pediatric nurses and medical assistants available to answer your questions. Our dedicated staff is always ready to answer your questions and handle your problems on the phone or in person.